You are You

I’m sitting here – alone, waiting for the clock behind me pointed its hand to number 2. That’s my cue to go home, from work. I guess I’m not the only one being like this everytime in the workplace, everybody does it. Or may be it only occurs to those people who doesn’t like what they’re doing and have no interest in it whatsoever. In other word, they’re force to do something that they don’t intentionally like to do. Have you ever been in that sticky situation?

I grew up in both western and eastern culture, and I’m wishing there would be a Southern/Northern culture. In Western culture, they taught me to do something that I’m interest in, not something my parents or other people told me and forced me to do. While, in Eastern culture, they told me the opposite. Do something your parents wants you to do because they know what’s best for you. Do they?

May be that’s the reason there are more percentage of college student suicide once they get into college in India. It’s just like that movie “the three idiots” and I hope parents in any parts of the world would open their eyes towards those kind of thing about their kids.

The thing that I’ve realised now is that, we as person should decide on our own. God created us with our brain and heart to think and feel. Before deciding on something, we should broader and bigger about out problems. Getting to know our surrounding, chatting to our seniors about handling our problems are ways to open our eyes, so we don’t fall into the same trap like other people.

The lucky one

As a swifties (Taylor Swift’s biggest fan), I have most of her songs in my phone. But, I just discovered that there’s this song titled “the lucky one” that I never even knew about, and she created the songs about 6 years ago. How weird is that?

of course, I already download it two days ago and now I can’t stop listening to it. That’s what I always do every time I’m obsessed with a song, especially from my favourite singer.
I’ve never tried of writting something from the lyrics but I want to try it and this is for the boy who caught my heart back to the day when all I think was play and play, so here it goes…
Remember that day when we first met in that class. You were sitting alone with that dirty bag of yours. You didn’t even talk to anyone for 2 days until that girl talk to you. You know, how we were back then, we were so innocent and thought that every move we make towards our opposite sex is considered to be love. That’s exactly the moment when the rumor of both of you liking each other starts. Is that really true or what’s it simply kid’s talk?

If by any chance, you’re reading this, I want to simply say, you were my first love. Ironic, isn’t ? We used to be close that time and you make each of my day seems to be brighter and brighter. I always try to say my feelings toward you through things I did : tying the end of your blue dirty bag to your next friend, asking you to draw boys and going around our neighborhood with bike.

How fast those days pass, right?

I think both of us are lucky to meet with each other, even thought we’re not meant to be together. But, meeting you is the luckiest moment ever. I guess I am the lucky one to have you as my first love.

Simple Future Tense

Trust me, up until this moment, I still can’t remember how much tenses are there in this world? 16, I think?
I still can’t distinguished between each of them, but I can’t give up. So, after reading about billion sites about simple future tense, I finally get what this tense is all about. When do we use it and their difficult rules. 
I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible. Please correct me if there’s any mistake on my spelling and all.

Simple Future tense is used when somebody is expressing their plans in the future, no matter if they’re going to do it or not.

This tense used two forms – will be and going to.

  1. going to  —> am/is/are + going to… + verb
    (+) You are going to meet Jane tonight
    (-) You aren’t going to meet Jane tonight
    (?) Are you going to meet Jane tonight?
  2. will —-> will + verb
    (+) You will help Mrs. Green later
    (-) You will not help Mrs. Green later
    (?) Will you help Mrs. Green later?

What’s the difference between those two forms and when do we use it?
Well, I’ll explain it to you.

We use will for…

  1. predictions without evidence
    “I will be rich and famous” – this person is just predicting without having any evidence. 
  2. offering help
    “I will help Mrs. Green carrying her heavy bags”
  3. sudden decision 
    “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do. I know! I will read Harry Potter book!”
  4. talk about things or facts we believe to come true in the future
    “The President will serve the country for four years”
  5. talk about something that’s uncertain in the future, in this case use expression such as probably, I think, I hope etc
    “I think we’ll get on well.”

We use going to for…

  1. predictions with evidence
    “Look! David is going to crash against that tree”
  2. future intention
    “I am going to study   Accounting at university next year”

It’s easy, right? – Once you understand it. 
That’s basically everything about “Simple Future tense”. Now, are you ready for some exercises? Let’s see how much you get it right.

  1. Next summer, I _______ (travel) to New York. My sister lives there and she bought me a ticket already.
  2. It’s getting cold. I _____ (take) my coat!
  3. Jane and Tom ______ (not study) medicine next year. Jane _____ (study) Law while Tom ____ (take) a gap year.
  4. I ______ (help) Mrs. Simons cleans her kitchen floor.
  5. Look at those black clouds. I think it _____ rain.
  6. I _____ (call) you as soon as  I arrive home!
  7. What _____ (do) tomorrow? I _____ (visit) my grandparents.
  8. A : I don’t have enough money to pay for my lunch.
    B : I _____ (lend) you some. 
  9. Those watermelons seems delicious. We ____ (buy) one!

English can be FUN!

Today, I decided to fill my blog with something that’s useful for other. It’s going to be educated and well, not depressing like my life. I was thinking, why not fill with things about English? Since I’m an English teacher, I need to share my knowledge with others, right? 

I promised either to fill information about English or Accounting lesson. I hope you’ll like it and this info will be useful for you.


Happy Reading


Life is a race, if you don’t rust fast, you’ll get trampled

Yeah, as much as I hate hearing it. He was 100% right. 

Life is a race. A treacherous race where each of the runner wouldn’t think of others except himself. Why would it be like that? What do we get from it? War? Hatred toward each other?
Shouldn’t life be as normal as it could be – with the same amount of everything. Nobody get more or less than others? Nah, that would be boring, right?
This race is not just between you and your classmate, it might be with your own cousin or even siblings. Weird, isn’t?
If you look at the meaning closely, you had to make yourself look the best from everybody, including you families. Which means, there would be jealousy, hate, awkward and no love between us? How can this happen?

When you gather with your big family, you’re cousin would be the only person whose name get called several times and their parents show him to the other proudly, while you sit in the corner, realizing how useless you were comparing with him. 
Life is a race, but in that race, you passed things that would surely risk the way you get to come as the winner in that race. You have to run as fast as possible, but you also have to look at the things you passed when you run. 
Don’t be an idiot like me who were just focusing on myself instead of other. I kept running and running and did not see a thing that’s been going on around me. Even if I’m the winner, I ended up having no one at the end of the race. I didn’t feel as happy as I thought it would be…

Life is a race, a deadly race and I get trampled at the end of it.